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Step up to the Plate

Step Up to the Plate

For many years Carthage, Missouri has been known for its rich baseball history. Beginning in 1938, Carl Lewton Stadium, also known as “The Rock,” was home to the Carthage Pirates, an affiliate of the Pittsburg Pirates. From 1938 to 1941 the Carthage Pirates won three leagues titles while playing in the Arkansas-Missouri League. As the leagues shifted due to World War II and league realignments, Carthage became home to the Carthage Browns in 1941, the Carthage Cardinals in 1946, and the Carthage Cubs in 1951.

Over the years Carl Lewton Stadium witnessed play by multiple players that would later play in the Major Leagues. These players included Cloyd Boyer, Dennis Burns, Frank Mancuso, Bob Speake, and Mickey Mantle.

For the past 70 years, Carl Lewton Stadium has been an icon in the Carthage community, hosting many youth games and tournaments and serving as the home field for the Carthage Tigers High School Team. After eighty-five years, hard use and exposure to the elements paid its toll on Carl Lewton Stadium. The Rock officially closed in February of 2023.

The goal now is to build a new home for the Carthage Tigers. A home in which the tradition of Carthage Baseball will continue.

In July of 2023 the K.D. & M.L. Steadley Trust, an endowment established by Kent and Mary Steadley, generously pledged 2.5 million dollars to the Carthage Tigers Baseball Field. Those serving on the K.D. & M.L. Steadley Trust Board hope that their allocation of funds will encourage others to financially support the construction of a field that will serve the Carthage Community for another 85 years.

We need your help. With the closing of the Carl Lewton Stadium, the Carthage Baseball Team has traveled to Joplin to play home games. Your consideration to provide funding and support for the Carthage Baseball field is greatly appreciated.

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