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Enrollment Information

Information requested for enrollment in the Carthage R-9 School District:

*Proof of age (medical records, medical records, baptismal records, passport, etc.)
*Student’s immunization records
*Proof of residency (rental contract, realty contract, utility bill, deposit receipt or other special
*Last year’s report card or other proof of grade placement (except kindergarteners, who need proof of age)
* Present address and phone number
* Parent or guardian’s place of employment and work phone number
* Emergency contact person (in case parents cannot be reached)
* Doctor’s name and phone number
* Student’s social security number (optional)
* Junior High English Language Arts and Math placement tests (See Junior High paragraph below)

Please fill out all of the following forms:
(Scroll down on each document for the Spanish version)

(Por favor, desplácese hacia abajo en cada documento para ver la versión en Español)

Enrollment Form Free and Reduced Lunch Info                                            
Request for Records Internet Publishing Form
Residency Form Internet Usage - Elementary
Request for Transportation Network Agreement - Secondary
MELL Survey Infinite Campus Parent Portal Form
Student Health Inventory ELL Student Home Language Survey                                                            
HS Only-User Agreement HS Only-User Agreement Spanish

Persons with questions regarding boundaries of elementary districts may call Dr. Mark Baker at 359-7000.  All elementary students and parents should report prior to the first day of school to the principal’s office at the school they will attend.
Students new to the district may not enroll until verification of immunizations has been provided to the school.  Students previously enrolled whose immunizations are due during the summer must provide proof of those immunizations prior to receiving their class schedules at the beginning of the school year or attending class.


Persons with questions regarding boundaries of elementary districts may call the Central Office at 417-359-7000. Families should report prior to the first day of school to the principal's office at the school they will attend.

Children who are five years of age before August 1 are eligible to enroll for kindergarten. Families should provide proof of age, which may be a birth certificate or hospital record showing date of birth.


Prior to the first day of school at the Junior High, all students entering 7th and 8th grade are required to take a Math and Language Arts placement test to assist in proper class schedule placement. These are scheduled through the counselors’ office as soon as all other enrollment forms are complete.  Please make arrangements to take these tests before you are wanting to start school.


Padlocks on hall lockers are optional but are recommended for security purposes.  If a lock is desired, it must be a school-issued lock.  A deposit of $5.00 is required from each locker occupant and will be returned to the student at the end of the school year when the lock is returned.  Physical education locks are required and will be issued on the first day of school from the physical education teacher, who will collect the deposit of $5.00.  This will be done on a semester basis in the physical education classes. 

Students planning to drive to school must register their license plate with the High School office and buy a parking tag to park in the student lot.

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