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Reading Success Plans

Reading Success Plans

Ensuring students are able to read on grade level by 3rd grade

During 2022, the Missouri legislature passed Senate Bill 681 directly affecting districts, schools, teachers, and students beginning in 2023. This bill is aimed at increasing Missouri’s reading scores by ensuring districts provide high quality instruction and targeted systems of
support. Our progress and work toward becoming a SOR (Science of Reading) district over the last four years through teacher professional learning and instructional changes has put Carthage R-9 ahead when it comes to supporting our students on their road to proficient

What are Reading Success Plans (RSP)?

  • Reading Success Plans (RSP) are individual instructional plans created for students who are performing below grade level expectations in foundational reading skill development based on iReady (state approved reading assessment).
  • Students with an RSP will receive individual and/or small group instruction for specific skill gaps as well as notificaton of any tutoring opportunities and information on summer school enrollment as the year progresses.
  • Families will be updated on your child’s progress throughout the school year.

How will I know if my child is on a Reading Success Plan?

During Parent/Teacher Conferences, teachers will share the results of your child’s Beginning of the Year iReady assessment data with you. If they scored at-risk, your child’s teacher will discuss the focus of the interventions and additional support they will receive in Reading. You will be notified and provided a copy of the plan. Your child’s teacher will continue to communicate with you
throughout the year about your child’s progress.


How can I help my child at home? R-9 Foundational Reading At-Home Support

At Carthage R-9 we know that partnering with parents and guardians can help students achieve high levels of success. This website has been created to offer parents and guardians a one-stop shop for activities they can utilize with their unique learner on the road to reading proficiency.